The Company

Established in 2011 and based in Florida’s Orlando area; Gemms Core, LLC started its operations in 2013 under its premiere division Ad & Expressions BDA, an interdisciplinary brand and design agency.

The Company was born as a high-tech organization with a strong and firm conviction to be a Green company, and the principal goal to achieve this engagement is to work with environmental friendly companies: suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors.

Our vision is to be a successful and profitable company delivering high quality products and services with loyal and personal treatment to our customers, contributing with the environment.

As part of our mission we focus on working with the state-of the-art-technology, a solid professional team, and within the market trends.

We believe that new opportunities are created when technological advances occur or when methods of doing business change. New technology brings methods that make the different industries more efficient, meaning lower operating cost and being more environment friendly, traducing that in higher quality products and services, and of course, best returns.

Our management philosophy is based upon responsibility, mutual respect, and profitability.

On a daily basis we build our book of business relations by referrals, this gives us the opportunity to grow our company based on great personal relationships with clients and strong partnership with related business.

The Agency

Our company’s first division has evolved to become an interdisciplinary brand and design agency.

Ad & Expressions BDA translates brands into a variety of tangible elements and visual presence. This becomes a key part to encourage and to immerse the target audience in experiencing the brand.

The agency works in a collaborative environment where professionals and companies of related disciplines from different industries share their knowledge, expertise, and high-tech capabilities, shaping the ideas from concept to execution.

The challenge is the innovation of staying ahead of the curve in these dynamic industries and market trends. The goal is to make unique and unforgettable brands.

The expertise fields include but are not limited to brand-mark creation and brand-mark makeover (name, tag-line, logo…), identity, printing and promotional products, decorated apparel, signs (design, manufacture and installation), websites design and development, ads and banner designs, e-Pubs (books, brochures, papers, pamphlets).

We enjoy working with clients from many different industries; by delivering integrated advertising solutions we lead business and organizations forward, ensuring a consistent message to tell their story.

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